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From the first day we opened the shop in July 2005, you
rarely missed a day coming in to work. Your favorite
place was under your table, where you could wait to
greet the customers as they came in the door. You never
met a stranger, and loved everyone that came in to shop.
Everyone loved you too. Your Mom JoAnn Cardwell and
I will love you and will miss you always.

Amanda Stone, Bella Dames


Micco “Junior” Yahola

Our love grew on you each day and no matter how many hairbrushes and shoes were chewed on or how many sandwiches were stolen, you were still our baby. You were beautiful, innocent and strong, strutting your stuff, handsome as ever. The day you left us, a huge piece of our heart went with you. You’ll always be our baby and will always be in our hearts. We will never forget you. May angels always protect you, because you’ll never be alone.
We miss you and love you always.

Kimberly Yahola & Donna Tiger


Miracle Miette Harder

6/1/1994 - 2/7/2009

Dearest Miette,
Thank you for giving me fourteen and a half years of unconditional love. When I first saw you, you were screaming for food because your feral mother had abandoned you because she didn’t have enough milk for you and your 5 siblings. You, as the runt of the litter, were abandoned so the rest of the litter could have enough milk.
You and I made an unlikely pair. I had never owned a cat, let alone a kitten who needed to be bottle fed, and you needed a full time mother. Through many prayers, we made it. With every drop of kitten milk replacement, our bond grew stronger and stronger. At first you needed me more than I needed you and then we both needed each other equally and finally I needed you more than you needed me.
I believe with all my heart cats and dogs go to Heaven. I look forward someday to spending eons of time with you sitting on my lap. Until then, remember that you are my baby and I love you.




11/17/1999 - 6/7/2008

Int. CH Ciggy Von Den Welfen CD, U-CD, HIC
Ciggy, the most beautiful German Shepherd Fraulien in the world died after a short battle with cancer. Ciggy was born in Germany. Her Dad traveled to Europe in early 2000 to pick her up from his friends and breeders, Heidi and Roland Hoffmann. Ciggy’s Border Collie sister, Sunny passed away last summer and was horribly missed by Ciggy this past year.
Thanks to all who helped with her training (Mary Green & Aunt Sharon) and showing in obedience and confirmation. She was exceptionally bright! Ciggy participated in obedience, confirmation and herding and was a beautiful dog to watch. She loved to bark at the squirrels in her yard, ride in Granny’s car with her special blinking collar and guard her front door.
The silence Ciggy and Sunny leave in our lives is very loud. They will always be loved and deeply missed.

Chuck Harris, Margretta Harris & Sharon Wilson


Daisy Lou

You were the best little girl ever, sweet little Daisy Lou. From the day we got you, you were never a problem. Always minded, ever grateful, sweet as sugar. I hope that you know what a joy you were to so many, and what an impact that you had on our lives. We remember your first night with us when you squeeked toys until daylight, so happy to have found a new home. Go now, Daisy, and play with your brother Buster in the rainbows and the sunshine where you will be healthy and strong, prancing your little prance. But please wait for us at the special place to pick you up – in the big scheme of things it’ll only be the blink of an eye. Love you little Goose Girl. You can rest your bones now. You are at peace.

Steve & Marilyn

Pee Wee

Pee Wee

THE GREATEST of our many dogs! The late Jim Giles (Channel 6 TV meteorologist) featured
“Pee Wee” twice on his Six-Shooter TV programs doing tricks. We have precious video
as proof. “Pee Wee” loved to play with our pet rabbits. This 27 lb. Sheltie excelled in beauty,
intelligence, talent, and unsurpassed loyalty. He was crushed if “dad” or “mom” scolded him. A
beauty to the end of his 15-1/2 years. Frisbee champ. AKC championship stock. A singer. A
bonder. He sought and got thousands of nose kisses. Soap bubble popper. We’ll love him
forever! Lung cancer.

Ray & Leta Cosby

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