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1999 - 02.08.08

Cheiko was born in 1999 in the Czech Republic and was imported by Canine Unlimited of Tulsa to begin training as a police K-9. In 2001 he hit the streets of Skiatook, OK, with his first handler and made 10 arrests in the frist week alone. In November of 2006 Officer Shane Thompson took over as K-9 handler. We worked together, helping to find the lost, track bad guys, and get as much narcotics off the streets as possible. He served his community with honot and distinction, always willing to work, even on his last day. He will be missed by his hanglers, the officers he served with, and the community that he loved to serve. His battle with cancer was lost on 02.08.08 He is hone but will never be forgotten.

Shane Thompson #138<br/>Skiatook Police Department


Paisley Mauve

1/15/96 - 11/29/07

Thank you for bringing sunshine to my gray and gloomy days. God sent an angel and it was you, my precious friend. You touched my soul and brightened everyone’s day. As time passes, I hope recollections are more pleasant, than painful. Most make me smile, a few make me bite my lip and pause. They called you stoic, so silent through the pain. Did I hold on too long? Say hello to Grandpa, as you take your long walks with him. And give your puppy kisses to everyone you meet with that cute little sideways wiggle you do. As a “special someone” we know would say, “Today I saw a butterfly , thought of you and smiled.” Love you & miss you so.

Mom, Lacey, Eddie, & Paws

Mr. Beau

Mr. Beau

When you were five years old you came to live with me. I
carried you up the stairs and I said God gave me this
precious little angel to love. You loved to walk, ride in the
car and we went on lots of trips together. You were always
so good. You loved your soccer ball more than anything.
You were so smart and adorable. Sometimes when we
walked you prissed, sometime you pranced. When we
took our midnight walks you were the king – you thought
you were such a little stud jumping and kicking and
growling after you ‘Teed.’ I am so grateful that God loaned
you to me to love, and I’ll never forget you. I’ll love you
forever, Mom.

Pat Collum Anson

Hershey Summers

Hershey Summers

10/1/1992 - 9/25/2007

Most memorable of the Hersh was her many visits she
made as a therapy dog with Karing K-9’s & Therapy Dogs,
Inc. She was a blessing to so many and special friend to
Moscelyne Larkin Jasinski – founder of the Tulsa Ballet.
She won “most therapy visits” with Karing K-9’s in 2006.
She was also a demo dog and student at Companion Dog
School of Tulsa, Inc. She won her last title at the age of
14 years – the High Ambor Award in Agility & Obedience.
On her last therapy visit she didn’t want to go inside – she
didn’t want to say goodbye. You’re beautiful Hershey A job
done with excellence.

Christine Summers

Sunny Freckles Harris

Sunny Freckles Harris

10/8/1994 - 8/9/2007

A “real” Texas Cow Dog. You arrived from Texas
12 years ago. As all Border Collies do you took
over the household as your pack and became
“the Boss.” You were the sweetest and smartest
Border Collie ever. You fought valiantly in your
bout with cancer. A piece of our hearts died
when we lost you. We will never forget you. Your
loving “Dad” and “Grandma.”

Charles N. Harris & Margretta Harris



You were the consummate Westie with your splendid
coat, sparkling eyes and carrot tail. Underneath
that bravado and glamour lived one big teddy bear,
with a bit of Goofy thrown in. Each morning you
greeted us with a toy and then ran out to chase
squirrels with Queenie. You lived for ear-scratches
and tummy rubs. You were so courageous, and
such a fighter. I’ll never forget your last breath as I
held you in my arms. A piece of my heart went with
you, Mac. You gave us 15-1/2 years of devotion
and joy. Now you and Queenie are together again.
We miss you so much.

Sherri & Stuart

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