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215 Tamiami Trail South, Venice, FL, 34285

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If you have been looking for a sanitary and effective new method of pet waste removal, look no further. The Powerloo is a toilet for your dog that is designed to perform in an outdoor environment and safely and effectively remove your dog’s solid waste directly into your existing septic tank or sewer.

This is the innovative product that has been allowing dog owners to never again have to deal with disposing of dog poop with plastic bags. The product installs wherever you want it. It is designed to seamlessly blend in with your landscape. With a few easy connections, it ties in directly to your existing sewage lines. With this product, disposing of your pet’s waste is as easy as a step on a pedal and a flush away.

The Powerloo is flushed easily with a foot pedal that allows you to keep your hands clean. With one flush, your pet’s waste is disposed of forever. You can even clean the scooper in the bowl. All of these aspects of this product were designed to make your life simpler.

For effective pet waste removal, you need the Powerloo for your home or business. Call us today, and request a new info kit!

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