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March/April 2014
As Maune was talking with one of
the firefighters, she noticed a dog
wandering around the ruins of one of
the burned homes. Assigned to cover
one story, she instead found two.
According to the firefighter, the dog,
in terrible condition with hair loss and
sores on his face, legs, and paws, had
belonged to an elderly man who had
died days earlier when his home was
engulfed in flames. The firefighters
believed the dog had been burned by
the fire and had been giving him food
and water while deciding what could
be done for him.
After her story was completed,
Maune went back to find the sad dog.
He was there, curled up inside an old
dog house outside the ruins of his
deceased owner’s home. An animal
lover, Maune wasn’t sure what to do for
the poor animal, but knew he needed
immediate medical attention and to
get out of the sub-zero temperatures
Tulsa was experiencing.
Still on the job, however, she and her
crew couldn’t take the dog with them.
“I called the Tulsa Humane Society,
but they were already closed for the
day,” Maune said. “So I did the only
other thing I could think to do; I took
a picture of him and posted it to
That’s when an amazing chain
reaction started as her posted photo
got an immediate response. “I had no
idea how many people that photo
would reach,” Maune said. “Probably a
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Phoenix in his dog house when rescuers found him.
Photo courtesy of Tess Maune, The News on 6.