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4 TulsaPets
March/April 2014
Hiya TulsaPets Readers,
My family and I recently took a trip to the happiest
place on earth, Walt Disney World. It wasn’t my first
time—it was my seventh visit actually—but it made me
realize something. I am a Disney geek. There I said it,
and I’m not ashamed.
There’s a natural law at work at Disney the moment
you step foot on the property. You immediately lose all
sense of shame and self-awareness. Adults are suddenly
wearing mouse ear hats, Mickey Mouse shirts and
jackets, flashing Mickey-shaped necklaces, and no one
bats an eye or thinks it’s strange.
However, unfortunately, that lack of shame also
applies to families having it out in front of passersby
because someone wasn’t waiting at the exit of It’s a
Small World as planned, and they all spent two hours
searching for one another instead of riding Big Thunder Mountain or seeing The
Country Bear Jamboree. And let’s be honest, time is money at the World.
Nevermind a few familial disputes, it truly is a happy and magical place.
Although it was my vacation, pets came to mind many times, and I had to snap
a few photographs of things I thought you readers might enjoy. Maybe I’m biased,
but my adorable 4-year-old with Pluto—one of the most iconic pets ever—was
one of them. Meeting Mickey Mouse and Pluto was the highlight for him.
We saw service dogs in every park where they were warmly welcomed, and at
our resort hotel we met Buttons, a sweet service dog with a Diabetes Service
Merit badge.
And FYI, if you ever venture to Walt Disney World’s Epcot, you can pick up a
kimono for your smaller pooch. Can you think of a cuter Halloween costume?
It’s never too soon to plan ahead, but back to the season at hand…
Bidding for our annual cover auction will happenApril 1 through May 31. The
winning bidder’s pet will grace the cover of the July issue, and all proceeds go to
Animal Aid of Tulsa. Join the fun and help advance a great cause!
Next, we have some fantastic articles for you in the issue, from interesting
scientific research to community organizations making a difference, with lots of
adorable pets in between.
Pete’s Pet Posse is doing amazing things at Oklahoma State University,
emphasizing campus-wide health, all while charming its way into student and
faculty hearts. Champs is another group achieving great success in the
community, building life skills and confidence for those with special needs via
K9 companions.
On the feline front, Camille Hulen gives us a glimpse inside the journey of
rescuing premature kittens. Through the highs and lows, letting go and victory,
you’ll want to read how little Dingus overcame the odds and found his forever
We hope you’ll enjoy these stories and more waiting inside this issue. Please
let us know what you think by sending an email or dropping a line on Facebook
and Twitter. If you haven’t “followed” or “liked” us, you should start today!
In fact, why don’t you take the magazine in your hand outside and enjoy the
weather? Happy spring!
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Marilyn King
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Danielle Weaver
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Volume 8, Number 2
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On The Cover:
Dingus, the ugly duckling who turned into a swan.
Photo by Howard Hulen.