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Fun video: Sand box

posted September 21st, 2012 by
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I saw this commercial the other day and it had me cracking up. I wonder what my four cats think of my little girl?

-Lauren Cavagnolo

Teaching old cats new tricks

posted July 5th, 2012 by
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When searching for our new home, one of the first things I looked for was a spot for the litter box. If there is no good spot for a litter box, the home just isn’t going to work.

I was thrilled when I found our home’s large laundry room with a nook that was perfect for a litter box. The previous owner must have thought so, too, because the door already had a cat door installed. Perfect!

When it came time to move in, I was nervous about whether or not the cats would actually use the cat door. They had no previous experience with such a contraption.

And using the cat door was a must. It meant keeping the dogs out of the litter box in search of  ‘snacks’. It is also a great help with odor control.

Our cats are all 7-years-old or more: not too old for a cat, but old enough to be set in their ways. And any cat owner knows the litter box routine is just not something you want to mess with.

I decided the best way to introduce them to the pet door was to put them all in the room (so they could use the box) and see how long it took for them to get out.

Two of the cats were quickly back in the living room with the rest of the family. The other two were still in the laundry room howling. But I guess two out of four isn’t bad.

The next day I decided to put their food in the room and shut them out. And suddenly four out of four cats were using the cat door. It only took a few more tries of either shutting them in the room or shutting them out of the room with their food on the other side before they were all pros.

I must admit, I was surprised at how quickly they all adapted to the cat door, the new routine and the new house in general. Hopefully, they won’t be needing to learn any new tricks anytime soon. I don’t want to push my luck.

Have you ever had to teach your cat a new trick? Share your story below.

-Lauren Cavagnolo