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Fun video: Mama cat hugs kitten

posted May 11th, 2012 by
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In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, watch this adorable video of a cat hugging her baby kitten. Don’t forget to give your mom a hug this Sunday!

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An Unfinished Story

posted May 15th, 2011 by
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By Camille Hulen

Doc asked his upstairs apartment neighbor, John, if he’d seen the little orange kitten around lately. “Yeah, Doc, I’ve been feeding him, but I can’t get close to him. He’s really wild,” John said. Then, as they stood talking, the kitten appeared at the top of the steps. He slowly inched his way down, tumbling half of the way because he was so tiny. As they silently watched, the kitten approached Doc’s legs, climbing straight up and eventually perching on his shoulder. The kitten had found his human!

“Well, Doc, it looks like you’ve got yourself a cat!,” John said.
But Doc didn’t want a cat. He had never had one, and had never sought one. And, although he did not know it then, at this low point in his life, he needed this kitten.

A disabled Vietnam veteran, he had served 23 years in the Army, but recently the federal government had somehow declared him “dead” and removed his military pension. While he fought through the legalities, he was subsisting on his greatly reduced income, and didn’t have much to live for. That was four years ago. Doc took the kitten into his apartment and into his life. They became inseparable, and the cat was appropriately named “Buddy”. Buddy’s veterinarian said he was mostly a Ragdoll breed, as obvious from his laid-back demeanor.

Buddy was the perfect house-cat. After finding his home, he never attempted to go outside. He and Doc established a routine, just as one would in the Army. Every morning, Buddy got his daily brushing in strict military fashion: First, the back, then roll over for the tummy, then the arms, finally the tail. And Buddy grew into a handsome 25-pound-plus Ragdoll, gentle as the name.

Recently, however, new management came to the apartment complex and pets were outlawed. Apparently, the former managers had been more understanding. So this is how I met Buddy. Doc called, seeking temporary housing for his buddy. He would move to a new home as soon as his financial situation improved, but Buddy had to be out of there “now,” he said. We have all seen the ads: “moving, cannot take my cat” or “new roommate, need to re-home my cat,” and a myriad of others. It would have been easiest for this man to give up his cat. Instead, he tried to provide, so Buddy is staying at Camille’s Cathouse for awhile.

When Buddy first arrived, he was depressed and wouldn’t eat.
It wasn’t until Doc came to visit and reassured him that he had not been abandoned, that Buddy became comfortable. When Doc visits, he has words of comfort, and Buddy enjoys a thorough brushing. It is therapeutic for both.

Since gas prices have increased, Doc cannot visit as often as he would like, but Buddy waits. As I write this, Buddy sits in the office beside my computer. He prefers human companionship to socializing with the other cats. Buddy knows that his special human buddy will return soon. And that will bring the happily ever-after ending to this unfinished story.

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