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Watch out for those pads!

posted March 28th, 2013 by
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Of my two dogs, I have one who is always managing to get into things he shouldn’t.

The other night, when I let Spock and Yoda inside from a romp in the yard, I noticed some bloody paw prints on the kitchen floor.

They were both running around, so it was hard to tell who was bleeding. After investigating all the paws, I found a pretty deep slice in the pad of Spock’s back right paw.

I managed to stop the bleeding, clean it out and did my best to keep him from licking it.

A scratch on the pad is no fun, but typically not a huge deal. But this was no scratch — it was deep and my gut was telling me to take him to the vet.

So the next morning we made our way to the vet.

After glancing over his file, the doctor asked me “Wasn’t he just here for stitches in his paw?” Like I said, this dog is always getting into stuff.

And again, he needed stitches. My gut was right.

He’ll be just fine, but who wants to make a trip to the vet for something like that?

So as it (hopefully!) starts to warm up in the next week or so, here is your friendly reminder from Spock and me to watch out for those pads.

As you begin your spring cleaning, make sure to do a once over on your backyard for any sharp objects that don’t belong.

- Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]