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Family dog exposes abusive babysitter

posted September 17th, 2013 by
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Dogs are loyal by nature and can be very protective of their people, especially children.

Recently, a family dog in South Carolina helped his owners expose their seven-month-old son’s abusive babysitter, according to WCSC.

Benjamin and Hope Jordan noticed that their dog Killian would become aggressive toward their babysitter to the point that he would have to be physically restrained.

The Jordans became suspicious and decided to use an iPhone to record the babysitter while they were at work. When they played back the recording, they were horrified to hear cussing and slapping noises and their baby crying in pain.

Stories like these never cease to amaze me. It is incredible what animals can sense, understand and even communicate to us as exemplified by Killian.

In fact, just do a quick Google search of ‘dog saves owner’ and you’ll find hundreds of stories about other heroic dogs.

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Has your animal ever alerted you to a dangerous person or situation? Share it in the comment section below.

- Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]