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Stuff the van with OAA

posted December 13th, 2013 by
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Oklahoma Alliance for Animals is hosting a holiday open house and kicking off their Stuff the Van drive this Sunday.

Stop by any time between 1 and 4 p.m. Sunday at OAA’s office, 1822 E. 15th St., Suite B. Pets are welcome and treats will be on hand for all.

Help stuff the van with food, toys and supplies for the dogs and cats at Tulsa Animal Welfare this holiday season.

Donations will continue to be accepted through Friday, Dec. 20. Bring your donations to OAA’s office between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Check back at the Facebook event page for TAW’s wish list, coming soon.

Donations will also be accepted online at

-Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

What’s on your pet’s wish list?

posted December 17th, 2012 by
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I mentioned last week that I have fallen behind on my seasonal to-do list. Tomorrow, I will be finishing up some last minute shopping for some very important pets!

Tops on the wish list of all six of my pets are gifts of an edible nature, closely followed by toys. Sometimes they get things they need like new litter boxes or leashes.

But this year we are good on needs, so treats and toys it is. Below is a list of favorites, both of the canine and feline variety.


Beneful Baked Delights: A recent favorite, Yoda and Spock go nutty for these baked treats. They come in Hugs, Stars, Quacks and Snackers.

Pedigree Jumbones: These treats keep my dogs busy for a good 20 minutes. Perfect for when you need a little peace and quiet.

Toy monkey: These monkeys, which are made of latex, are said to be indestructible. And so far, my very destructive dogs have yet to make a puncture in this poor thing. But I’m sure both dogs would agree, a second monkey would be a lot better than sharing.


Purina Whisker Lickens: These are so loved at my house, I have to be careful where I leave the bag. I have come home to a shredded bag and not a treat in sight enough times to know better.

KONG Kickeroos: My big guy, Floyd, destroys these things. Perfect for taking out a little aggression and working out those back legs.

Fur mice: When we moved this summer, I found about 20 of these things under the dryer. Game of cat and mouse, anyone?

And while you are out shopping for your own pets, consider picking up a few items from Tulsa Animal Welfare’s wish list for the dogs and cats who are still waiting for their forever homes. You can view the wish list here.

-Lauren Cavagnolo

How do you pet-proof holiday decor?

posted December 11th, 2012 by
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Or am I the only pet owner with this problem?

Every holiday season, usually sometime the week after Thanksgiving, the battle of Me vs. Them begins, Them being the four cats and two dogs who also reside in my house.

Most of this seasonal battle takes place over the crown jewel of Christmas decorations, the tree.

My cats are under the mistaken belief that I have put up a tree and draped it with expensive, glittery cat toys and lights just for them.

And my dogs… well, they think they have been blessed with an indoor potty for the winter months when they don’t really feel like going outside at all.

I have yet to be able to explain to any of them that, in fact, this tree is for looking only.

And so everyday, I scoop up ornaments off the floor (thank goodness for shatterproof!) and redecorate the tree. I usually also have to clean up an unwanted present or two left under the tree.

I have already given up poinsettias and tinsel for the cats’ sake and keep most decorations out of reach of nosy dogs. All I want is a tree to enjoy during the Christmas season.

Maybe one day I will win the battle, but tonight, I’m just going to go in the living room and redecorate my tree.

-Lauren Cavagnolo