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Chiropractic care beneficial for pets

posted February 21st, 2017 by
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Holistic healthcare for our families, both human and furry members, continues to gain popularity. If you haven’t had a chance to read about Dr. Corinna Tressler and her work with acupuncture, be sure to pick up the January/February issue of Tulsa Pets Magazine or read it online.

Also falling under the umbrella of holistic healthcare is chiropractic care, an Eastern medicine approach that deals primarily with the mechanics of the spine and associated joints. Exams include adjustments or a short, controlled thrust by hand directed at a joint to improve function and motion.

Dr. Willa Weisel, DC, CAC,bonnie_dr_duree_shoulder_adj_236x300 is a doctor of chiropractic care who is also certified in animal chiropractic through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Her practice, American Chiropractic Clinic, is located in Shawnee but she makes monthly visits to Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Norman.

Many pet owners who seek chiropractic care for their animals do so because of an injury.

“If you have a dog or a cat, you know they have a tendency to be very active and to jump on and off of things. And that very thing is what can be the start of repetitive stressor that leads to a real significant disability for them,” Weisel said. “It’s almost always the case that I don’t see that dog or cat or horse until the problem is so big that it is really disabling for the animal.”

Weisel is also involved with a variety of canine sports and will attend agility trials and other events to adjust dogs that become injured on the spot.

“If you have a dog that is involved with sports, agility, fly ball, discs, those types of things, they are athletes just like you and I are athletes if we are out playing volleyball or running track,” Weisel added. “So they need to get checked. They are going to have problems just from the repetitive stress exerting themselves in a physical nature like that.”

While chiropractic does not replace traditional veterinary care, it does offer a drug-free and noninvasive approach that can be used preventatively as a wellness tool in addition to treatment for existing problems.

“It should be a wellness treatment, a supportive treatment,” Weisel said. “We all have bumps and grinds, everyday.”

Though Weisel began her career focusing on chiropractic for people, her first animal adjustment happened by chance in 1988. A client who wanted her to adjust a foal born with an S-curve in its back approached Weisel and she agreed to take a look at the horse and give it a try.

“I went out there and this little horse was really cute. She couldn’t go backwards and she couldn’t go to the right and so she had kind of adapted to that,” Weisel recalled. “She had taken the horse several places and they had all advised her to euthanize the horse and she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. This little horse was not thriving though. She had diarrhea and she wasn’t processing food. I made one simple adjustment on her pelvis and it was so interesting … I can still see this blonde little horse, she turned around and she touched her nose right on her butt to the right and then she galloped off to the right and kicked her heels up and came back around.”

From that moment on, Weisel knew she would pursue expanding her practice to animals. Shortly after becoming certified through the AVCA, Weisel moved to Oklahoma and opened her practice in Shawnee in 2006.

In addition to the cats and dogs that visit her in the office, Weisel has had the chance to work with goats, sheep, a rabbit, a duck and even a llama.

“I was very much interested in pursuing that part of my practice and it has just grown and I love it,” Weisel said.

Weisel books appointments in Oklahoma City the first Saturday of the month, in Tulsa the third Saturday of the month and in Norman the second Tuesday of the month. To make an appointment, call 405-275-6363. You can learn more about Weisel and her clinic at or follow her Facebook page.

- Lauren Cavagnolo, l[email protected].

TBRO adoption events this weekend

posted January 17th, 2013 by
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If Boxers are your thing, you will want to make sure to check out The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma’s events this weekend. Formerly known as Tulsa Boxer Rescue, the group will be showing off some of their adoptable Boxers at two adoption events in Tulsa and the Oklahoma City area.

In Tulsa, TBRO will be at Woodland Hills Mall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. Dogs and volunteers will be set up on the lower level in front of Sears.

The group will also have dogs at the PetSmart in Yukon from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

There will be six to seven dogs at each event ranging in ages from eight months to seven years, said adoption coordinator Marilyn Maxwell via email.

Attending the Tulsa event will be Kylie, Otto, Scotty, Pistol, Tot, Mack and Boomer.

In Yukon, Hope, Molly, Capone, Parker, Bentley and Thelma will be on site.

Adoption fees start at $75 up to $300 depending on the age of the dog and whether or not the animal is a purebred. According to TBRO’s website, all dogs are spayed or neutered, wormed, receive vaccinations, rabies, bordatella and are heartworm tested prior to adoption.

I personally love the dogs that have the smooshed faces. What cuties! I would surely take them all home if I could. If you have the space in your heart and your home, consider rescuing one of these furbabies this Saturday.

The application process can take up to five days, but you can go ahead and get the ball rolling by getting pre-approved at

-Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

Reno one of the litter of 6

posted August 1st, 2012 by
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Rescue Group Name: GPRO

Submitted by: Deanne

Name of Animal: Reno one of the litter of 6

Breed: Great Pyrenees

Sex: Male

Age: 13 weeks

Known Shots: two sets of vaccines, deworming and neuter

Adoption Fee: $175

Place this animal under: Large Dogs:15

Comments: This litter of six Great Pyrenees mix pups are aprox 13 weeks old, dob aprox 20th of April. They are very large and healthy pups, they do have double dew claws but due to some of their coloring they probably have a little Anatolian Shepard mixed in, but either way they are super adorable, very social, confident and loving. They are being fostered as indoor family pets where they’ll work on house training, crating and leash training.

Pictures is Reno, he is so adorable and he knows it lol; you’d have to have seen him posing for his pics like a little model lol. He is very friendly, loving and social! He one, if not the biggest of the litter. Reno does have toes on his back feet that turn in like pigeon toed, but his feet and legs are perfectly straight. This is a slight birth defect but will not cause him any problems and he may even grow out of it some more as he gets older.

These pups will be ready for adoption aprox August 3rd after they’ve had to sets of vaccines, two dewormings, and neutered/spayed. If you are interested in applying to adopt one of these love bugs please downloaded the application from our website:

Contact Name: Deanne

Email: [email protected]



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Rescue Group Name: GPRO

Submitted by: Deanne

Name of Animal: Ramsey

Breed: Great Pyrenees / Border Collie

Sex: Male

Age: 10-12 Months

Known Shots: Fully vetted

Adoption Fee: $175 plus $10 microchip reg.

Place this animal under: Large Dogs:15

Comments: Ramsey is a sweetheart of a boy, about 10-12 mo old. He is a Great Pyreneese/Border Collie mix; you can’t really tell from the pics but Ramsey is a Pyr size boy and he’s not done growing. Ramsey loves to give kisses and be close to his people, he is mannerly and affectionate, great leash walker, but will need continued to training as he is a young boy. He is friendly with other dogs, and passed his cat test with flying colors. He also has been great with kids he has met and enjoys the attention.

Ramsey is fully vaccinated, dewormed, neutered, heart worm and tick borne disease tested negative. The pics are of him at the groomers, isn’t he a gorgeous boy!

We are short on foster homes right now, so Ramsey and a few others are boarding at the vet office. If you would be interested in fostering please contact us at [email protected]

If you are interested in adopting Ramsey please complete the application on our website:

Contact Name: Deanne

Email: [email protected]