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Cattios, a perfect compromise

posted February 19th, 2014 by
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My dogs and I have been taking advantage of the early spring-like weather we have had recently. Hopefully, it won’t get too cold again before the real spring weather arrives.

Trying to be nice, I opened quite a few windows for my cats. They are strictly indoor cats and they love sitting in open windows. Although, watching them sit inside while we were all playing outside felt a little mean. Like we were taunting them with what they can’t have — the freedom to run and play outside.

I know several people who have built what is essentially a cat run for their feline companions and it seems like the perfect compromise to keeping your animal safe while allowing them the chance to be outside.

So I have decided a ‘cattio’ is going to be my big project this spring. I have been searching Pinterest for all of the best ideas and there are a ton.

I can’t wait to get started and I know my cats are going to love me for it. I’m sure there are some who might think it’s a little over the top to go to such trouble for a pet’s happiness, but most of my friends already know I’m a crazy cat lady at heart.

So now it’s your turn to share, what have you done for your pet that others mind find a little extreme? Share in the comments below.

-Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

Happiness is being outside

posted April 30th, 2013 by
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At least according to my dogs and I tend to agree. We are all really hoping that this nice weather sticks and that the Thursday forecast is just a mistake!

Below are Yoda and Spock’s top five favorite outdoor activities to do around Tulsa.

5. Visit the dog park. There are two off-leash parks to choose from, Biscuit Acres, 5804 E. 91st St., and Joe Station, 2279 Charles Page Blvd.

4. Take in a movie at the Admiral Twin. They are most looking forward to the release of “Monsters University” this June. Check out showtimes and more at

3. Bark in the Park. Pooches are welcome to Wednesday night games at ONEOK Field. Be sure to bring along vaccination records and enter through the Oil Derrick or Arvest Entrance.

2. People watch from the patio at Cosmo Cafe.  Located on Brookside at 3334 S. Peoria Ave., there are plenty of dog-friendly patios located around Tulsa. Check out our directory on for more.

1. Actually, they really don’t care what they are doing as long as they are outside! And that’s the truth. I hope everyone is taking advantage of this beautiful weather before we all start complaining about how hot it is.

What are your dog’s favorite spring activities? Leave a comment below.

- Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

Get outside and enjoy the weather… while it lasts!

posted September 19th, 2012 by
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The weather is gorgeous today and I hope everyone is able to get outside with their pets and take advantage of it!

You never know how long weather like this will stick around in Oklahoma. According to the forecast, it looks like we should at least have nice weather through the weekend.

Luckily, there are plenty of pet-friendly outdoor activities around town. Just take your pick!

Hound Dog Blues Festival: The two-day event will run Sept. 21 to 22 at Chandler Park and feature performances by blues-rock musicians. The event benefits local rescue groups and is also hosting an adopt-a-thon Saturday morning. Tickets are $10 Friday night, $15 all day Saturday or $20 for a two-day pass. View the schedule, buy your tickets and more at Leashed pets are welcome.

Admiral Twin Drive-In: Catch a flick outdoors with your canine friend. Leashed dogs are always welcome. For movies and showtimes, visit

Dine alfresco: Ok, so it isn’t exactly an event… but everyone’s gotta eat! Check out this list of pet-friendly patios in the Tulsa area and then take your pooch out for a meal!

Don’t forget the dog parks: Have you taken your buddy to the dog park lately? If not, this is the perfect time to do it! Your dog will love a visit to Joe Station or Biscuit Acres.

I hope this beautiful weather continues and everyone enjoys their weekend!

-Lauren Cavagnolo