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I am a proud pet parent

posted January 9th, 2014 by
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Have you seen the post on Slate in which the writer complains about the phrase pet parent? In it, the author asserts that the phrase pet parent has been pushed on us by the pet industry and that parenting means preparing another human to survive and thrive in the real world. And since her cat isn’t going to grow up and get a job anytime soon that makes her a cat owner not a pet parent.

As a parent to kids, cats and dogs, I take issue with this. So what if the pet industry made up Pet Parents Day? I’m pretty sure Mother’s Day was made up by the greeting card industry, but it doesn’t make the title of mother any less valid.

And as for the author’s narrow definition of what it means to be a parent, I’m sure any mother or father of a special needs kid will be quick to point out that that is not what parenting is all about.

In my humble opinon, being a parent has more to do with the unconditional love and care for another being. Whether or not that being is covered in fur or walks on two legs or four legs makes no difference to me.

I own my car and clothes and countless other items, but I do not include my pets in that category. They are a part of the family, not possessions.

So what do you prefer, pet owner or pet parent?

– Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]