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Humane Society of Tulsa reaches more milestones

posted April 9th, 2012 by
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Record transport – again – and 1,000 pets transferred aboard PetSmart Charities® Rescue Waggin’® Vehicle

In February, the Humane Society of Tulsa sent 72 dogs and puppies aboard PetSmart Charities® Rescue Waggin’® vehicle – the largest single transport in this life-saving program.


In less than two months, the Humane Society of Tulsa is setting more milestones.


First, they are boarding another record-setting transport on the Rescue Waggin’ vehicle this week – another 75 dogs and puppies.


Second, they are reaching their 1,000th pet transferred, setting this record in just 18 months – six months before any other shelter in the program.


“Pet overpopulation is a massive problem in Tulsa,” says Gina Gardner, President for the Humane Society of Tulsa. “Many of the puppies going on the Rescue Waggin’ vehicles are pulled from our city-operated shelter because they euthanize seven out of every 10 animals. The puppies heading out on the Rescue Waggin’ vehicle would likely be euthanized if not for the PetSmart Charities program.”


Dogs leaving the Humane Society of Tulsa are sent to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Boulder, Colo, where they are generally adopted within a week of arriving at the shelter.


“Clearly, the Humane Society of Tulsa is very committed to getting as many dogs and puppies as they can aboard the Rescue Waggin’ vehicle every month,” says Susanna Della Maddalena, Executive Director for PetSmart Charities. “They are doing a great job at saving so many lives.”


The Humane Society of Tulsa is one of 60 shelters that participate in the PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ program – a national transport program that transfers adoptable dogs and puppies from animal shelters in communities with severe pet overpopulation problems and few adopters to animal shelters in other communities where adoptable dogs and puppies are more in demand.

Since joining the Rescue Waggin’ program, the Humane Society of Tulsa has also received $16,000 in grant monies to purchase two new cat condos, two stainless steel kennels for their dog isolation area, and the improvement of outdoor areas for dogs.

The Rescue Waggin’ Program operates in the East Coast, Midwest, Great Plains, and South Central states. More than 55,000 dogs and puppies have been saved through the Rescue Waggin’ program since it began in 2004.

The PetSmart Charities’ Rescue Waggin’ program is funded by donations. Members of the public can support the program by making a donation online, by email at [email protected] or via phone at 623-587-2826, to help more pets like these find the loving homes they deserve.


For more information on the Humane Society of Tulsa, please visit




About the Humane Society of Tulsa

The Humane Society of Tulsa is a private non-profit organization committed to the promotion of responsible animal ownership and pet population control.  We strive to accomplish these goals by working hand in hand with our community to provide education, counseling and assistance on proper pet care and the importance of spaying and neutering. We hope to inspire awareness and compassion for all animals great and small.


About PetSmart Charities

Established in 1994, PetSmart Charities, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that creates and supports programs that save the lives of homeless pets, raise awareness of companion animal welfare issues and promote healthy relationships between people and pets. The largest funder of animal-welfare efforts in North America, PetSmart Charities has provided more than $165 million in grants and programs benefiting animal-welfare organizations and has helped save the lives of nearly 5 million pets through its in-store adoption program. To learn more about how PetSmart Charities is working toward its vision of a lifelong, loving home for every pet, visit or call 1-800-423-PETS (7387).