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Thank you, Glenpool Animal Control

posted June 16th, 2015 by
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Glenpool Animal Control is deserving of our thanks and congratulations this morning. The shelter took a strong stance with the following post on its Facebook page Monday night:

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY – All pets adopted from the Glenpool Animal Shelter will be spayed or neutered, vetted & microchipped before leaving the shelter ! We WILL be part of the solution & not part of the problem! The adoption fee will now be $75.00. Also, if your pet is impounded & is not altered it will be before coming home & you will be responsible for the cost. Again, the shelter wants to be a part of the solution ! ! Oh, and we will start doing adoption events too !

The ordinance was passed by the city council. At a time when the City of Tulsa and surrounding communities are putting down thousands of animals each year, this is a huge step in the right direction. Responsible pet ownership beginning with spaying and neutering all pets is the only way our community will be able to bring that number down.

Now, if we could just get some more area shelters to follow suit!

Make sure to show your appreciation to Glenpool Animal Control on its Facebook page.

-Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]


Spots still available for Reiki class this weekend

posted November 5th, 2013 by
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If last month’s article on Reiki for Rover piqued your interest, this is your chance to learn  the practice for yourself. And what better time than right before the chaos of the holidays takes off?

Reiki therapy uses a variety of techniques including meditation and breathing to create a relaxing and healing space, beneficial to both people and their pets.

Karren O’Sullivan, a level III Reiki practitioner, offers Reiki to the animals at Tulsa Animal Welfare on a regular basis. She is hoping to spread the knowledge of Reiki through teaching animal rescue volunteers and anyone else interested in learning.

The two-day group class is this Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. The cost is $250 with discounts offered to animal rescue volunteers and vet students.

Half of the proceeds go back toward Tulsa Animal Welfare’s adoption program. The tuition also covers a 100-page manual and certificate of completion.

To sign up for the class, call Karren at 918-636-1220 or email her at [email protected].

-Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

Is the Tulsa City Council reading my blog?

posted January 14th, 2013 by
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Probably not, but it’s a nice thought. Either way, it seems the council and I have a similar item on our agendas for 2013.

This past week, an adoptable pet from Tulsa Animal Welfare was featured at the city council’s regular meeting, according to The council will continue to have furry guests of honor at the first meeting of each month.

A successful program in other towns, the hope is that the promotion will help more homeless animals get adopted.

This is a great step in bringing more awareness to Tulsa’s pet overpopulation problem. I love that it gets the faces of homeless animals in front of the community at large.

A lot of times, it feels as though the pet community is preaching to the choir.

I see the same faces at pet adoption fairs and the same volunteers showing off adoptable pets around town. Their passion is amazing, but we need more of the community to pay attention.

Responsible pet owners are already aware of all of the animals who need homes, but are oftentimes at max capacity on how many animals they can care for (like myself!).

The City Council’s initiative puts the problem in front of the community in an unexpected forum  and will hopefully reach people who may not have as much awareness of the pet overpopulation problem that Tulsa faces.

I am excited to see this program progress and start producing results!

Read more about the initiative here.

Lauren Cavagnolo, [email protected]

Fun video: Sand box

posted September 21st, 2012 by
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TPM Logo_edited-3

I saw this commercial the other day and it had me cracking up. I wonder what my four cats think of my little girl?

-Lauren Cavagnolo