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posted March 15th, 2011 by
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Dear Pet Loving Reader,

Thank you for picking up this copy of TulsaPets Magazine! We hope you enjoy our March issue and share it with your friends and family.

We have extended the kid’s pet art contest and the three finalists will now appear in the May 2011 issue. Students in several school classes will be participating, but the blizzards delayed completion of entries. In the meantime, we are posting the entries on www.tulsapetsmagazine. com so be sure to go look. There are dragons, birds, and snakes among our dog and cat pictures! We will continue to post entries until the judging is held in mid-April.

This cover’s pet just happens to be my black mutt Elmer Fudd. I encourage everyone to read the saga of the black dog article in this issue. It’s a proven fact that black dogs take the longest to be adopted and are the most euthanized of all dogs in our country’s municipal shelters. You’ll find out why in the article. I adopted Elmer from the Tulsa Animal Shelter and this little fellow is absolutely one of the happiest organisms existing on this earth. He has brought joy and laughter and much, much love to our household and everyday I feel fortunate to be his keeper. I know now that of all my future dogs, all of whom will be rescued, at least one will be black.

There are good things happening at the new Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital in Broken Arrow. Veterinarian Kevin Long and his schoolteacher wife Stacey are huge proponents of teaching children responsible pet ownership at a young age, and they’re hosting field trips at their clinic so kids can get a first-hand look at proper pet care. We at TulsaPets Magazine feel it’s critical to instill a healthy appreciation and love for pets at a very young age. Children need to know that pets are not disposable objects but instead are creatures who feel love, fear, contentment and the host of other emotions. So paws up to you, Good Shepherd!

Please look online each week at our Shelter Report photos taken by Bob Foshay. Bob visits the Tulsa shelter every Tuesday and photographs cats and dogs available for adoption. I know firsthand it takes courage to go to the city pound, especially on a regular schedule, and I want to thank Bob for his unswerving commitment to help the helpless there.

Remember, we’re publishing six issues annually now, so we’ll see you again in May. In the meantime, thank you to all who make this mission possible, and keep spreading the word about the importance of spaying and neutering all pets!